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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blackberry storm 9700 start camera error

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Fault description :
The BlackBerry storm 9700 mobile has a camera fault due to a hardware problem. But in some cases it cam be caused by some software error. When we start the camera then it shows the words camera error or the mobile just restart.

Fault solution:

For repairing camera we have to first check software because some time due to setting mismatch camera start to shows error so apply these tricks:
A.      First open camera and select setting then press restore camera setting then mobile will shows restore all camera setting to its default then press yes . Now check camera if no solution then go to step b.
B.      Open mobile and first clean camera connector then check 
C.      If still no luck then remove IC shown in red mark
D.     Then apply jumper shown in blue mark to that IC point as shown in image below:

E.      After all done if still camera doesn’t work then change the camera.  

During the camera problem we first have to check the software setting, because if the problem is in the setting and we apply the jumper then it will produce more problems.

If however, the problem is in the hardware, then it will probably be necessary to get another camera. It is extremely difficult to correct problems that are embedded in the hardware as opposed to software where it is usually possible to make corrections and solve a problem fairly easily.

The situation is not the fault of you the user in any way but exists because of the software or hardware defect, so keep that in mind if you have to have the camera replaced. It is the company's responsibility to do so after you have made every attempt to correct the difficulty yourself.


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