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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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LGkp500 mic trouble no voice

Fault description:
In lg mobile sometime mic starts not responding during call so at callers end no voice generates. Due to this we can’t record voice in voice recorder and can’t make any call properly.

Fault solution:
For this mic solution we have to follow all these procedure step by step:
1.       First we should change new mic and then check for voice sound.
2.       Then clean both mic connectors positive and negative for proper voltage.
3.       If proper voltage appearing on point then use following jumpering solution as shown in image:

4.       During mic jumpering process we have to connect a 1k transistor between both positive and negative point
5.       After that connect mic with those point and that 1k transistor 
Now we will get our mic properly in working condition.

As previously described we have to use only 1k resistor exactly because using different current resistor can cause other problem like shorting in mic line track.

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LG GS290 mic trouble can't make calls or record voice messages

Fault description:
Due to some hardware reason LG GS290 mobile got mic trouble. This is a minor fault in LG mobile but due to this we can’t complete any call and also can’t record any voice message.   

Fault solution:
For this mic solution we have to change mic from five point mic to ordinary two leg universal mic using 1k resistor and two jumpers.
1.       First remove that default mic
2.       Then pick universal mic and connect first point to default mic’s first point as shown with black line in image below.

3.       Then connect second point of universal mic to fifth and last point of default mic with red line as shown in above image.
4.       Finally connect a 1k transistor as shown with red color between 3rd and 5th point of default mic.

During these mic altering process we should use good quality universal mic because local mic may result in low voice or distribution in voice during call .

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BlackBerry bold 9700 problem can't access sim in mobile

Fault description:
Blackberry bold 9700 sometimes shows insert sim card message while sim has been inserted into the mobile. This problem occurs because there is some internal track missing from the sim tray to the sim IC and sometime due to a shorted sim IC. So we can't access the sim in the mobile.

Fault solution:
For a quick and proper solution for this error we have to follow all these steps carefully:

1. First we should change the sim card because sometimes the sim card has internal shorting in a circuit so we can't use it. This is a hidden defect and one you aren't going to detect until you see the insert sim card message on your screen when it shouldn't be.

2. After this open the mobile and clean the sim tray (connector) and then check if the problem still exists. Keeping the inside of the mobile clean and totally free from even the tiniest quantity of debris is a necessity if you expect to be able to use your mobile all of the time.

3. If you haven't managed to solve the problem yet, then we have to check all track continuity from sim tray to the appropriate sim IC connection point as shown in the image below. It's a good idea to try and save yourself this work by remembering to first clean the sim tray, but it isn't always an effective solution. If it doesn't work, then you have no other choice but to begin checking the track.

4. First check the first point shown with the pink mark track to the IC first point.

5. Secondly, check the line from the second point shown with a sky blue mark to IC sixth point.

6. Then check the line from the third point of the sim tray shown with a black mark to the ground.

7. Check the 4th track shown with a red mark to IC point 2 and also to the point jut below this point.

8. Check the 5th point shown with a green mark for the line with the IC third point and a point below this 5th point connection.

9. Finally connect the 6th sim tray point to point 2 and a point just below this point as shown with a sky blue mark. So if we found any line missing on any point then we would have to apply the jumper as shown in image:

After all of this is done check on the problem again. If the problem still remains then we have to change the sim IC.

We should check the continuity of all the sim tray point lines according to the color mark we had mentioned in the image above for a proper and quick solution. Sometimes it is necessary to go a step further in order to resolve this problem, but ultimately you will find that it is solvable.

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BlackBerry bold 9000 speaker pops in handsfree problem

Fault description:
BlackBerry bold 9000 sometimes has a handsfree problem. So we can't use the earphones and sometimes the mobile shows the handsfree logo on the screen permanently. We got this error due to some settings being mismatched and sometimes due to hardware problems. 
Which brings us to another point to be made. If ever you can't figure out the reason for some type of disruption to service occurring, always check for hardware problems. It happens more often than you think. It could be something minor, or it could be something far more serious.
Fault solution:
For solving this problem we have to first check the setting for a quick solution. So apply these steps:

1. Go to the setting and select profile management there. Then select normal profile and with it in enhancement mode select the headset mode.

2. Now first open the mobile and change the handsfree jack and check problem.

3. If the problem still remains after changing the handsfree jack, then we have to use the jumper for a sound IC.

4. First connect point 1 to the sound transistor as shown in the image below:

5. Then connect point 2 of the handsfree jack to the transistor as shown in the image.

6. Then connect the 3rd point to the other resistance as shown in the image:7. Now connect the 4th point to another resistance properly.

8. And after all that is done connect the final and last point for a blank connection.

9. Now check the problem and if there is still a problem then finally change the sound IC as shown in the image with the rectangle mark.

While setting the jumpers use good quality wire because low quality wire may result in a bad sound quality. Also, poor quality wire will most likely break or fray somewhere down the line and have to be replaced. Another thing, be careful to make sure that the jumper connections are firmly made, because having them disconnect suddenly will cause an instant disruption of services. There's yet another reason to make certain that the wire you use is in good condition, because the connectors on the jumper could disconnect from the wire and that would not only cut off your service, but leave a live wire exposed which is dangerous as well.
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Motorola v9 mobile hardware flawed charger error

Fault description:
Motorola v9 mobile some time shows fake charging or shows charger error or invalid battery
This problem seems to be a hardware fault. In such case mobile battery can’t be charge with charger.

Fault solution:
 So for solving this problem we have to use following hardware tricks.
1.       Try to change battery and charger
2.       If no solution then open mobile pcb and use next step
3.       Try to change charging pin connector as shown in image below
4.       After that if problem still appears then remove a six leg charging IC as shown in image below.

5.       After removing IC apply jumper from charging pin point to ICs all point as shown in image below.

6.       Here we show charging point as blue mark numbering and ICs point as red mark so connect all those carefully.  

During new pin changing process we should properly connect app pin point to PCB point otherwise after all these process we will not get solution.
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IPhone mobile refuses sim card

Fault description:

In IPhone sometime mobile refuse to accept sim card it shows no service message instead of network indication. In some case we get network error that automatically no service message appears and we can’t connect call this is due to sim card IC problem

Fault solution:

For this problem solution we have to first check that weather flight mode is set to off mode then try following methods:
1.       First try to change sim card then check problem
2.       Secondly change the sim card jack and check for solution
3.       If no success then check track line continuity from one to one sim connector to exact sim card internally circuit point on pcb carefully . 
4.       Those sim card  connector track are  shown in image with different color and numbering  below :

5.       If we found any track missing here then apply jumper as shown in image carefully.
After all done mobile will accept sim card properly.

During track line checking on points on pcb we should have full knowledge of internal sim circuit point because wrong jumper can destroy sim circuit completely.
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BlackBerry Pearl 3G9100: troubleshooting charging and usb error

Fault description:
BlackBerry mobile sometimes has a charging and usb connector problem. So we can't charge the mobile and also can't connect the usb to the PC due to this error. We had this problem due to a damaged charging connector or sometimes due to charging the IC.

Fault solution:
For a quick solution for this problem we have to follow all of these steps carefully:

1. First open the mobile and clean the charging connector. This process is very minor, but essential because the connector is very sensitive. It might not seem like a big thing, but the charging connector should always be clean. A few particles of dirt can make the difference between whether it serves its purpose or fails to work.

2. Then change the charging socket.

3. If the problem still remains then check all track continuity from the charging pin point to the appropriate transistor and on the IC point as shown in the image below.

4. According to the image first check the point 1 shown in green. The point should be ground.

5. Point 2 in the green mark should be blank with no connectivity.

6. Point 3 with the red point should be connected to charging IC leg number 2 using the red jumper line.

7. Point 4 with the sky blue mark should be connected to IC leg number 1 with the jumper and this point should be connected to the other charging transistor also shown in the image.

8. Last and final point 5 shown with the pink mark should connect to the other charging transistor below the charging pin.

After all of this is done, the jumper setting, mobile charging and making the usb connection the problem will definitely be solved.
During the jumping process we should especially take care of all the nearest components of the circuit board and make sure that they do not become damaged. This is essential because any type of shorting in any component may cause another serious problem. The whole system relies upon the circuit board and if it goes down, then nothing is going to work.

The circuit board is a delicate thing; basically it is the heart of the mobile and any disruption whatsoever can throw it off. Also it is easy to break and difficult to repair. That is why you must be extremely careful when doing anything to it or near it. If something happens to the circuit board, you will have to purchase another mobile.

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