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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mobile Memory Full problem in nokia e7

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Fault description:
Sometime due to improper use and some virus problem we have mobile memory full problem and when we try to open menu and other things then message appears “general memory full delete some items from phone memoryand when access memory detail it shows full memory in use while we have no any content in memory. 

Fault solution :
There are mainly three major steps for this problem solution so follow these:
 1.       First we should check that there should no content in message inbox folder because when we receive any file through Bluetooth it stores in phone memory so delete all item from inbox.
2.  Try to soft reset mobile for  this go to setting-phone setting-advance setting-restore factory setting now mobile will show this message “you are about to restore all factory setting ” press yes then mobile will ask for security code then enter 12345 this is default code for nokia mobile if you have changed any code then apply those .
After this soft reset check mobile memory if problem not solve then apply third step.
3. Connect hwk box to computer and attach mobile to hwk  and follow these instruction:-
A.      Select BB5 from brand list

B.      Now select nokia e7- rm-626 from model list

C.      Select interface medium F-bus because some time usb doesn’t work

D.      Now press format FS button it will format complete mobile phone memory and all user data so any unwanted things will completely deleted

After all think have been done then disconnect mobile from device and now check memory detail we will get there complete memory unused  as should be in idle condition .

Conclusion :
Before format mobile memory we should backup all our important data like contacts, message, notes etc.  Because after format mobile will be in its idle state as a new mobile.


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