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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blackberry 9700 no camera flash

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Fault Description:
The Blackberry 9700 mobile has a good camera flash but sometimes the camera flash doesn't work, so we have trouble during night photography or sometimes in low light conditions.
Fault description:
So to solve this problem follow all these steps:
A. First open the camera and check the camera setting and check in the camera setting that the camera flash is set to the on or automatic option.

B. Now check the camera flash. If that is not the solution then try the hardware solution.

C. First check whether the camera flash is properly connected to the PCB.

D. Now check the track line between two resistances and use the jumper setting from the resistance shown with the pink line as shown in the image below:

E. Now check the camera flash. If this is not the solution then change the camera flash IC shown within pink mark and then the camera flash will work properly.

During the jumping process special care should be taken because the resistances are very close and an improper setting may damage other things. These machines may seem like they are sturdy, and in many ways they are. However, there are some areas inside that require a little extra care or a little extra caution when you are working too closely to those areas. It doesn't take much to cause a problem and it's foolish to risk doing so when a little extra care can prevent these troubles.

And always remember to treat the jumpers with respect and keep the connectors clean. When you are dealing with jumpers the connection they need to make can very easily be disrupted or prevented from occurring at all. It's that delicate. So it's essential that you make sure they are absolutely clean.


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