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Thursday, August 9, 2012

BlackBerry 8310 ringer not heard

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Fault description:

In the BlackBerry 8310 sometimes the ringer (buzzer) starts not responding, so we can't hear the music and ringtone sound. This problem mainly occurs due to a damaged ringer, but sometimes it is due to an internal line missing on the ringer track.

Fault solution:

For a quick solution of the BlackBerry 8310 buzzer problem we have to apply the following tips:1. First check that on the profile normal or loud has been activated because sometimes we activate the silent profile so no sound will come from the ringer.

2. After this try to replace the ringer with a new one and check the sound from the ringer.

3. If that is not the solution then check the line continuity on the ringer connector point on PCB.

4. If no current appears there on both points, then apply the following jumper from the ringer connector point to both resistances as shown in the red line 1 & 2 shown in the image below:

5. If you still have no luck then we have to rebel or change the main CPU IC because the sound IC is built into the CPU.


Before applying the jumper we should first check if the track continuity is correct on the ringer point.

The solutions to this problem may seem like they are confusing, but in fact they aren't difficult at all. It's possible that the problem can be corrected the first time out without having to resort to any further measures.

Just be careful when using the jumper as always, to make sure that the connectors are clean and the wire is strong. That a swift and trouble free connection can be made without having to take much time about it at all. It may just work and save you any further problems.


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