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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nokia X6 handsfree problem

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Fault description:
Nokia X6 sometime have handsfree problem. So we can’t use earphone and sometime mobile shows handsfree logo on screen permanently. We got this error due to some setting mismatch and sometime due to hardware problems.

Fault solution:
For solving this problem we have to first check setting for quick solution. So apply these steps:
1.      Go to setting and select profile management there selects normal profile and check result
2.      Then got to setting of enhancement in enhancement mode select headset mode.
3.      Now first open mobile and change handsfree jack and check problem
4.      If problem still remains after changing handsfree jack then we have to use jumper for sound IC.
5.      First remove sound ic Z2010 as shown in image below carefully

6.       After removing IC we have to make jumper on all IC point as shown in image with blue mark.
7.       Middle point should be blank with no connection.
8.       After applying these jumpers we will solve our problem defiantly.
 During IC removing process heat and air setting in heat gun should be in proper setting otherwise IC’s internal print will be damage.


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