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Saturday, September 1, 2012

IPhone 3g home button not working

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Fault description:

IPhone mobile have just one button on front side that is home button. Sometime home button doesn’t work in this case we can’t start menu or any program in iPhone. Even we can’t unlock iPhone because home button is main key for all programs.

Fault solution:

For solving this problem we have to carefully follow all these below described steps:
1.       For quick solution of this problem we have to first clean flex connector from any dust or carbon
2.       Than try to replace keypad filter as shown in yellow mark in image  and  check button 
3.       After all if still no solutions then finally connect three points together using applying jumper from flex connector point 1 to keypad filter and then from filter keypad point on pcb as shown in image below.

During this point connection we should connect all points properly using special iron because bad soldering process my result in bad result.


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