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Saturday, September 1, 2012

BlackBerry bold 9000 volume key problem

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Fault description:
Blackberry bold 9000 sometime had a strange problem that both side volume key don’t work. So due to this we can’t increase or decrease sound in music and during call. This problem occurs due to problem in side switch or sometime in keypad resistance.

Fault solution:
For quick and proper solution for this error we have to follow all these steps carefully:
1.       First we should change both side volume key and check for solution
2.       After that check that weather appropriate voltage are appearing on volume key point. If voltage missing there then go to step 3
3.       Now we have to check line continuity from volume key point to some resistance point as shown in image below:

4.       First we should test that first point of volume key should be grounded as shown with black mark
5.       Then check second point continuity to key resistance as shown with sky blue mark in above image
6.       Check third point line continuity to a metal type point as shown with green mark
7.       Finally check last and fourth point line track to other resistance as shown in image with red line.

So if during any of these line track testing we found line missing then apply jumper there carefully our problem will solved.
During these jumpers setting we should care that all jumper should be placed separately and they should not have any connection or touching otherwise we will get internally shorting in circuit board.


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