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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unlock nokia n96 mobile

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Fault description:
Country lock means that mobile just operates in predefined country frequency (like 850 mhz, 900mhz, 1800hz,2100 mhz etc. )Or network if we take mobile in different region or different country then it shows invalid sim card  or  insert correct sim card .
 So we can’t use any sim card in mobile. In this case mobile is called locked by country lock.
Fault solution:
This problem can only be solved by software methods using any flasher device that support mobile unlocking of that particular brand.
To solve this problem we have to use following tricks:
A.      First we should flash mobile to that selected country variant according that product code each country have.
B.      All product code flash file available on support area. So download exact country code variant from support area. Product code can be found on back portion of mobile below battery near imei no.
C.      Then open mx box
D.      Connect box and select appropriate brand and correct model no.

E.        Then go to service tab

F.       In service tab select IMEI and security tab

G.        Here select simlock option

H.      First press identify button it will show that which country code has been locked in mobile then select desired country name in lock box and then select any operator that are available in that column and then press warranty unlock

Then unlocks by provider option it will ask for internet connection and after few minute processing we have fully unlocked mobile.

For network unlock we have to first determine product code from which phone is locked and country variant for which we have to unlock mobile.


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