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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Samsung champ 3303 network can't make or receive calls solution

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Fault description:

Samsung cham 3303k have network fault. In such condition we get no service message on screen or just few network indication bars on screen. So we can’t make any call or receive any call.

Fault solution:

For repairing network problem we have to proceed with these tricks step by step: 
1.       First manually search network in setting option if we found there desired network provider then register that provider else apply next step.
2.      Try to hard reset mobile using these code  “  *27678*2878# ”  then mobile will display this ,message on the screen “E2P custom reset mobile will take few minutes do not power off mobile” . Now check the network if still no luck then use hardware tricks described below
3.      Open mobile pcb and first clean full pcb with acetone and dry mobile completely 
4.      If no solution yet then first remove PFO (power frequency oscillator) and apply following jumper and connect three points together according to network frequency we need. Here we use frequency of 850/900 MHz.
Image for the jumper setting is:

During mobile pcb (printed circuit board) cleaning we should use only acetone or white petrol because other hard chemical can damage other mobile print and tracks. 


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