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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nokia N73 power mobile blue screen hangs

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Nokia N73 mobile has a very common and major fault “blue screen hang” means when we power on mobile then it just blinks for few minutes with blue light on lcd screen.

Fault reasons:
There are following reasons behind this fault –
  • 1. Lcd problem: Sometime mobile lcd got internally damaged due to this mobile get just blue screen or some time white screen problem.
  • 2. Software problem : In some cases when mobile software are corrupted then we got this error like white or blue screen on mobile and mobile hangs.
  • 3. IC problem : Due to hardware reasons like water damage and physical tampered mobile shows this problem

Solution :

1. Lcd problem : change the lcd screen and clean lcd connector.
2. Software problem : update mobile software (flash the mobile with latest version) then do UI setting.
3. IC problem : To repair IC Apply following steps to repair the problem serially

A. First check continuities on below shown points via continuity meter, if somewhere missing then apply following jumper.

B. If above solution don’t work then first remove red marked IC and then apply this jumper shown below :

C.If still problem not solved then apply following steps –

Step 1. Remove another remarked component in red mark
Step 2. Apply jumpers from one transistor to another point of other component.
Step 3. Connect two other components with one jumper.


To repair blue screen hang problem using jumper we should have to check all continuity on appropriate point first after that apply jumper for quick and accurate problem solution.


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