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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blackberry Tips, Blackberry Shortcut Button, Blackberry Manual

/ On : 9:29 PM/ Thank you for visiting my small blog here. If you wanted to discuss or have the question around this article, please contact me e-mail at Gps_86@gmail.com.
This post especially for Blackbery beginer user. There are many short cut button and guide how to use your smart phone for comfortable using.
  • Turn on Screen Balcklight : Press POWER button.
  • Switch to another program : Hold the ALT key and press the ESCAPE button. Continue to hold the ALT key and select a program. Release the ALT key to switch to that program.
  • Exit a screen or dialog box : Press the ESCAPE button.
  • Insert a period : Press the SPACE key twice. The next letter is capitalized.
  • Insert the at sign (@) and periods in an Email field : Press the SPACE key.
  • Type an accent or special character : Hold the LETTER KEY and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Capitalize a letter : Hold the LETTER KEY until the capitalized letter appears.
  • Move the cursor in a different direction : The ALT key and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Change an option field : Hold the ALT key. Click a value.
  • Move to an item in a list or menu : Press the first letter of the item.
  • Select a check box : Press theSPACE key. To clear the check box, press the SPACE key again.
  • Select a line of text : Press the SHIFT key and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Move down a screen : Press the SPACE key.
  • Move up a screen : Press the SHIFT key + the SPACE key.


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