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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nokia c6-01 mobile hanging no power

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Fault description:
Nokia c6-01 is latest mobile but some time it hangs at just nokia logo or just white screen only then we can’t power on mobile. In some cases when we open any application in mobile then it hangs and we have to reinsert battery to power on mobile.

Fault solution : 
We have to flash mobile with latest version to repair mobile.  We can do it via many flasher box like ufs box,mxkey,best dongle,mt box , here we take mx box as example
For full flash mobile follow these steps:
 A.      First reset mobile using these code  “ *#7780# ” when we put this code then mobile will ask for security code then press 12345 these are default code then mobile  will automatically restarts and check that weather problem solve or not if no then apply second step . 
B. In this step we have to full flash mobile before this check that which version of software mobile have for this we have to enter  *#0000# then mobile will show its current software version now we have to upgrade this version for this apply following steps:
1.       Connect mx box to computer and insert mobile via fbus cale into mx box.

2.       Select appropriate mobile brand like nokia service tool here

3.       Select exact mobile model no. from model  list

4.       Select latest flash file version from market row icon

5.       Now press BUS check then mobile will show all basic info here

6.       Press flash button then mx box will flash mobile completely it will take approx. 7 minutes after full flashing it will show complete done .

Now our problem will solve.

For any basic problem in mobile first we should reset mobile using code *#7780# after that we should try any method because flashing is last and final solution for any software problem.


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