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Monday, August 13, 2012

Issue with BlackBerry 8320 charging

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Fault description:
In blackberry 8320 mobile charging problem occurs due to charge track missing from charger pin
To appropriate component. So we can’t charge mobile or we get charger trouble that battery shows charge indication but doesn’t store charge so it discharges immediately.

Fault solution:
For the solution to this problem, first we have to clean the charging connector from any dust or carbon. This might seem like an unnecessary chore, but it is important as even the slightest bit of debris can cause the the charger to stop working. This is a delicate component you are dealing with and it doesn't take much to interfere with its ability to operate. After this we have to check the charge condition and then apply the following tips for a complete solution:
1. Here we have a five pin charging connector in the BlackBerry mobile 8320, so first check all track continuity from those points to all resistance and ground points as shown in the image:

2. Check that the first pin point is connected to ground earth as shown in the red line.

3. Check that the second point is connected to the upper point of the charging transistor as shown in the blue line.

4. Check that the third point is connected to the vcc point on the PCB as shown in the green line.

5. Check that the fourth point is connected to the VBat point on the PCB as shown in the yellow track.

6. Finally check that the last point is connected to the positive on the PCB as shown in the pink line.

7. After checking all the points, if the voltage is missing on any point track, then apply the jumper as shown in the above image.

While checking all the lines we should properly check all charging points carefully because wrong or bad soldering may damage the charge circuit. Soldering is more than just melting two points together. It has to be done a certain way so as not to interfere with the operation of the charger or even cause some serious harm to the charge circuit.  


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