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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sony ericcson x2 xperia not charging

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Fault description:
Sony Xperia x2 mobile sometime got charging trouble. In such case mobile shows charging error or not charging or charging no response error. This problem caused by overcharging or over voltage from charger. 
Fault solution:
For this problem solution we should first check basic things like charger or new battery before checking hardware area. After these primary testing apply following tricks:-
1.    First clean battery connector due to some carbon on connector we get such error.
2.    Check charging point for any dust or carbon and fully clean it with acetone or white petrol. If problem still not solve then open mobile pcb and check next solution. 
3.    First check all charging point continuity from charging point to all point specified in picture in red mark. If line missing from any point then apply jumper from that charging pin point to that appropriate point. 

For example in this case charging connector point 1 have no line continuity to that point so we apply jumper in blue mark shown in image below.

4.    If problem not solve then try to rehot both charging IC and change both IC specified in picture below in green mark.

After applying all above tricks we will solve our charging problem . Conclusion :
While checking all line continuity we should use a perfect meter and equipment that will do a good job of testing and result in better checking and problem solving.

The problem is solvable, but it first important to clean the battery connector because when you are dealing with such a situation, any debris that may have lodged in the way is going to cause a problem. If you're lucky, once you clean the charging point that alone may solve your problem, although it is likely that further measures will be necessary.

It cannot be stressed enough how delicate such a battery really is in the sense that a tiny particle can simple prevent it from charging and cause it to shut down completely. It might sound like just another bothersome job to you to have to clean the battery connector, but no matter what the problem really is, and no matter what else you do, if you neglect to do this one small detail, it can prevent your mobile from working.


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