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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Samsung E1110 doesn't start blinking solution

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Fault description:

Samsung mobile sometime doesn’t start when we power on mobile it just hangs on Samsung logo only. This fault occurs because of internet problem or corrupted software.

Fault solution:

For this problem solution we have to use flasher box z3x or hwk. Here we use z3x box. Use these steps for successful flashing:

1.Connect z3x box to computer

2.Attach mobile via flashing cable as shown in cable name icon and select mobile model from list

 Here in below image we can find exact cable for mobile as shown below

3.      Press read info button it will show all basic version we should remind that software version should be used newer then mobile already have. 

4. Now select  bin file and tfs file from my computer as shown in image below :


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