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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Samsung E1130 country lock with country provider problem

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Fault description:
Some Samsung mobile have country lock with country provider so we can’t use any other provider sim into that this is called country lock. To use mobile in other country we have to unlock it first this is called unlocking process

Fault solution:
For unlock we have to use hwk or z3x or nspro box. Here we use hwk as example. Follow all these steps carefully:
1. First connect box to computer with mobile phone
2. Select mobile platform 
3. Select desired model and then press info here we select Samsung E1130

4. Then mobile will show all basic info about all lock provider and software version

5. Now press unlock button then box will start unlock process

6. After this check info again and check weather lock version is showing 0000000 if yes then it mean we have unlocked mobile otherwise go to step 7

7. Now press patch msl button then it will patch mobile current firmware and it will unlock mobile

8. After all done press reset mmi, this will reset all mobile setting to its default.

We have to use latest box available in market for successful unlocking and other repair operation of any mobile.


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