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Monday, March 12, 2012

Samsung no service display problem solution

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Fault description:

Samsung some time shows no service on screen then when we try to connect any call then mobile displays no service and there no network indication appearance on display .

Fault solution:

Samsung mobile Mostly shows no service due to software error so for quick solving this problem Apply following tricks:

1. First reset mobile using this code *2467*2878# or we can do it via setting and then reset all then mobile will ask for password and  enter 00000 that is default code for Samsung , now check network
2. Now connect hwk to computer and attach mobile to hwk via desired flashing cable
3. Select appropriate Samsung platform here we select swift from list

4. Now select model from model list here we select B3410 from model list

5. Now press write eprom button then it will ask for eprom file now locate eprom file and write it to mobile

6. After EPROM writing press reset mmi this option will full reset mobile after all process
Now check mobile it will show full network

Before EPROM writing always backup first mobile EPROM because in case of any mismatching we can write back default backup.


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