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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sony ericsson k800 logo hangs then power off solution

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Fault description
Sony ericsson k800 mobile has hanging problem mostly. This problem appears due to Internet virus or installing unauthorized game or apps. In such case mobile just shows sony ericsson logo on main screen and then power off after few second. And even we cannot charge mobile due to corrupted software.

Fault solution
For solve this problem we have to use flasher box that support sony ericsson flashing like setool box,universal box,hwk etc . Here we use hwk box for flash sony ericsson mobile.
1. Connect box to pc
2. Open sony ericsson tool named SEdbx
3. Press boot button

4. Now insert flash cable into mobile charging connector then box will detect mobile and will show all basic info about mobile like software version, phone cid,gdfs version etc.

5. Now select flash file one by one. During selecting flash file we should take care about phone's cid and all file should be of same cid as mobile.
6. First select mcu bin file

7. Then select fs file

8. Now select ua file

9. At last select cust file

10. Now press write flash button then box will start to upgrade mobile software and approx after 10 minuet all process will done and mobile will be in power on mode.      

During flash file selection we should care about cid version. If we select wrong cid flash file then we will damage our mobile completely.


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