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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Samsung S5230 touch screen (pad) problem

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Fault description:
In Samsung S5230 mobile sometime have touch screen problem that touch screen doesn’t work properly or sometime doesn’t work completely. This problem occurs sometime due to setting mismatch or some time due to hardware reasons. Here we consider both

Fault solution:
For solving this problem we should first check software methods as following tips:
1.      First open setting and in setting press screen celebrate then mobile will ask for touching on special dots on screen one by one then complete full celebration and then check problem
2.      If no solution then reset mobile to its factory setting
3.      If still no solution then we have to change new touch pad so change touch pad and check for solution
4.      In some case after changing touch pad mobile remains in same condition because of some internal shorting in few resistance  so we have to follow next

5.      So according to above image we have to first  remove first resistance as shown with blue line and check for solution
6.      If no solution then remove all four resistance one by one as numbering carefully.
7.      After removing all these resistance our touch pad will work fine without any problem. 

In some case we have to also change new touch even after removing of all these resistance because sometime both touch pad and resistance got problem at same time.


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