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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nokia C2-02 mobile power button problem

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Fault description:
Nokia C2-02 mobile some time doesn’t power on with power button. Due to this we can’t use mobile. But in this case we can charge mobile and when we plug charger into mobile then we will see charging indication on screen so this is power button fault mean power button is not working

Fault solution:
For solving this problem we have to follow these steps carefully:
1.      First we should flash mobile with latest version and check problem
2.      If no solution yet then open mobile and clean pcb and keypad flex completely
3.      After this step we have to apply jumper setting as following image.

4.      First  connect a jumper from power key point to a resistance as shown in image
5.      Then from that resistance connect another jumper to a point connection on pcb as shown with yellow mark
6.      After connecting these two jumper power key will work perfectly and we can power on mobile.  

Due to power switch problem mobile doesn’t power on but in some cases it can be caused by corrupted software so first we should flash mobile and then apply hardware jumper.


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