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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Iphone 4 Stuck IN DFU MODE: Is there a real solution?

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Iphone 4 Stuck IN DFU MODE: Is there a real solution?

Solutions :
use snowbreeze 2.2.1 and make custom firmware then flash the fone with it
it works
2.I think you dont have phone with same problem as mine,
even you use cfw from snowbreeze after succesfully restore your phone will still comes out to DFU mode,
3.use LIMERAIN and your handset will re-boot!
4.problem Solved!

From 4.3 downgrade the phone to 4.2.1 wth cfw...

1. use ireb and choose iphone4
after success putting in DFU (even though its already in DFU this is important)
2. start latest tiny umbrella and start tss server
3. open itunes and choose your 4.2.1 CFW
4. after success restoration, the phone still in dfu mode(blank screen)
now open ibooty 2.0 by ih8now

wait the ibooty to finish,
now you have iphone 4 with display and back to normal.

activate it using original simcard...


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