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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top 40 best free iPod Touch games 2011

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Owners of the iPod and iPhone can tap into a rich collection of free games in Apple’s app store. In order to save you some time and effort, we have collected a list of the crème de la crème of free iPod games.

1. Angry Birds Rio – The Angry Birds series is definitely one of the most successful mobile gaming franchises. For its latest iteration for iPod Touch, the game takes its cue from the Rio movie which just opened last week. It features the movie characters with the same great Angry Birds game play. The lite version will give you around 6 game levels, and I’m telling those are enough to convince you to buy the paid version.

2. Tap Tap Revenge 4 – Another successful game series for iOS devices, Tap Tap Revenge 4 brings more new music tracks from today’s favorite artists. The latest version of the game brings in some nice features including the ability to like any track in the game and challenge other gamers who like the same tracks, new arcade mode, support for Retina display, global leaderboards and a refreshed look and interface.

3. Club World - This game is also from Tapolous, creators of the Tap Tap game series so you can be pretty sure that the game is music related. To be specific, it’s more about club music and the club scene. The game is a nightclub management, real-time simulation game. It allows you to use your iPod Touch playlists.

4. Doodle Army 2 - Sequel to the previous game in this new series, this intense online multiplayer combat game lets you play with up to 4 of your friends online or locally. It features Game Center support, dual-stick shooting controls, melee attacks and more. The game has a simple and yet colorful graphics that add excitement into playing the game.

5. Words with Friends - One of the best word games for the iPod, it’s no wonder that this game has been loved by many iPod gamers. It was recently updated to allow you to link your Facebook account – making it even easier to challenge your friends.

6. Paper Glider Bomber- Paper Glider gained popularity by becoming the 10 billionth app downloaded from the App Store. So, striking while the iron is still hot, the game developers decided to release this equally entertaining follow up. The game requires you to bomb buildings below before your Paper Glider crash into them. The game feature some nice weapons including missile, building cluster, cluster bomb, and A-Bomb.

7.Falldown 3D – This game is simple and yet very addictive. All you have to do is to get the ball down as far as possible by keeping it bouncing while avoiding the ever-present shelves. It even has a ghost bonus, slow-motion, power-ups and multi-ball bonuses.

8. Battle Bears – What makes this over-the-shoulder shooter tick, aside from the solid gameplay and its dangerously cute bear characters, is the humour, wit and fun it brings to the table. Of course there are tons of weapons and actions to enjoy from the game as well.

9. Tap Zoo – If your idea of a fun game is creating and running a zoo and taking care of animals there, you’ll definitely find this game worthy of a download. The game features more than 50 animals to breed and care for, unlockable animals and zoo items and more.

10. Finger Slayer - A unique game which is quite entertaining and also gives you a bit of adrenalin rush as well. It’s a reaction time game which will challenge your presence of mind and response time while trying to avoid the guillotine chopping off your finger.

11. Tiki Totems 2 – Being a sequel to the great original game, this one covers the second chapter in the Tiki Totems saga. The game offers 3 game modes and more than one hundred unique levels. You can even create your own level via the in-game editor.

12. Bird Strike GOLD EDITION – It’s not Angry Birds but could be close with its simple and yet entertaining game play. This game takes you in control of Gerald the Bird as you launch him into the air. You objective is to make him fly as high as possible while collecting rockets and pick-ups along the way before Gerald begins his descent.

13. Drop! – Here’s a simple and yet awesome game that you’ll surely love. This game’s main objective is to make the skydiver fall as far down as possible. Easy? Not really, because you’ll face various obstacles along the way that will destroy your parachute.

14. Haypi Kingdom – For MMORPG fans, this game is the best you can get for play on the iPod. This game features building up resources, exploring the wild land, reaping treasure, and of course battling other players. Of course, you’ll also get to play with other players online..

15. Gun Bros. – This game got me hooked real good the first time I played it. I couldn’t stop playing it for several hours the first time I tried. You’ll play as one of the superhuman agents in their bid to protect the planet from zombie invasion using high-powered weapons. The game supports Game Center and Facebook allowing you to brag about your game achievements to your friends.

16. Emross War – Another good massive multiplayer online game, this time featuring a nice guidance system, more challenging quests, great graphics, live battle among players, 3 human races and definitely more good gaming features. The game also lets you summon guardians, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy games.

17.Paper Toss – Another simple and yet addictive time waster. This game’s objective is simple, toss a crumpled paper into the trash can using the flick gesture. Sounds easy? Unfortunately, it’s not, because electric fans will distract the paper’s path towards the trash can, so you must carefully plan your finger’s flick to avoid the fan’s wind.

18. NinJump – From the same developer of Paper Toss, this game is another nice and addictive time waster. Try to rise as high as you can while avoiding squirrels, angry birds and enemy ninjas who stop you along the way. Jump from one wall to another and knock obstacles down to successfully reach as high as you can. Solid game play combined with rich graphics and music background make this game a must-play.

19. Smurf’s Village – Based on the successful cartoon art and comic, this game will surely please both Smurfs’ fans and the young iPod gamers. Build the Smurfs’ temporary village from scratch as you play Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf and Jokey Smurf. As you build the Smurfs’ Village, you’ll get to purchase smurfberries, and play mini games. The game also supports Facebook integration and Game Center.

20. Mike Tyson – Fight your way into the pound for pound boxing arena as an underdog boxer trying to get in your way to the top until your final bout with Mike Tyson. This highly entertaining game lets you earn RockCash that you can use to build your empire and carve your way into becoming a boxing legend. But of course, you’ll have to beat the undisputed boxing champion of the world himself – Mike Tyson.

21. Pocket Sailor – This one is simple and yet addictive. All you need to do is to guide the correct ships to the right dock and then let them unload their cargo before guiding them to safely exiting the screen. Of course, you must avoid crashing into obstacles along the way.

22. Coin Dozer – For those who frequent the Arcades, this game will be familiar for you. Yes, it’s the classic arcade game that most of us enjoyed when we were kids. The game has successfully simulated the arcade game and ported it into the iPod. You’ll be able to collect teddy bears, fuzzy dice, gems and other virtual bonuses.

23. Fashion Story – This game will get you as close as possible to owning and running your own fashion boutique. It lets you customize and accessorize your character, apply make-ups, unlock trendy designer clothes line, visit other players’ boutiques and like their items, and invite your Facebook friends to become your neighbors.

24. Tiny Chef – This game got both my wife and my 6 year old addicted. It’s the first thing they check up upon waking up in the morning and the last thing they do before going to sleep at night. I tried the game for several hours and boy it can really get you hooked. The game is a time-based game that lets you design and run your own restaurant. You’ll get to cook food and watch your waiters serve these food. Serve you customers well and they will give you handsome tips.

25. Bubble Ball – What makes this game tick among iPod gamers aside from its solid, entertaining and fun game play is the fact that it was developed by a 14-year old boy. Sweet, right? This physics puzzle game will test your ingenuity and thinking skills. The objective of the game is to get the bubble ball into the goal. Move various blocks to make the bubble reach the goal in every level. Collect power ups to give the bubble a boost and even reverse gravity in this game with 72 levels.

26. Baker Story – From being a boutique owner to a restaurant magnate, how about going into the Bakery business? This game lets you design your own bakery and run it, of course. Make your customers happy and well-fed and your Bakery is off to becoming the most famous bakery in the land. Apply your creativity in creating wonderful pastries and you’ll reap the rewards later on. The game also supports Facebook integration.

27. Cut the Rope Lite – Just a bit of warning to inform you all that this game can become highly addictive, causing you to purchase the paid version. So, if you think you’ll end up buying the full version of the game, thank us for telling you so. Cut the Rope is a great physics game which requires you to make a candy from the top of your iPod’s screen fall down on the main character’s mouth. There are various obstacles and pitfalls along the way, learn to over come them and you’re own your way to completing the game easily.

28. Burn the Rope Lite – Similar to Cut the Rope, this game is also quite addictive. The idea is for you to burn the rope completely or as much as you can. It sounds easy, right? But then there’s one catch, the fire only moves upward, so you need to tilt your iPhone in such a way that the rope is moving upwards.

29. Ant Smasher – Ready to smash some ants with your fingers? Don’t worry because you won’t really feel a thing except of course soreness of your thumb due to prolong playing. This game is pretty simple – smash as many ants as you can to get the highest scores.

30. Unblock Me Free – I’ve played and finished this game a long time ago already. And yes, I did find it fun and entertaining, addictive even. The premise of the game is simple – remove the red blocks from the board by moving other blocks which are blocking the red block’s way. Being a puzzle game, it has many challenging levels that will ultimately test your wit and logic. The free version has limited levels so you might want to get the paid version as well.

31. Skee-Ball Free – This is one of my daughter’s favorite game in the arcade and on her iPod as well. Featuring 3D graphics, solid game physics and great prizes, this game lets you win tickets that you can use to shop for cool and fun prizes. Before I forget, the game’s objective is to successfully roll a ball up the ramp to make it end up in one of the holes to get points, tickets and achievements. This game’s best feature is of course the 3D realistic graphics. You have to play it yourself to believe it.

32 Removem – I’m not really surprised that this game earned so many accolades from those who’ve played it. It’s a true simple and yet addictive game. All you need to do is to select blocks of two or more balls of the same color and remove these balls from the game board. To get more points, you might want to remove bigger block as well.

33. Mr. Runner – Fun, unique, simple, endless are just some of the words that could describe this game. Featuring a black and white environment, this game might seem like and endless running game, avoiding obstacles and staying in the safe zone at all times. But then, it does end and you need to pass all the landmarks to see the game’s ending.

34. Falldown – Here’s another simple and yet challenging falling game. This addictive game just requires you to tilt your device to controll the ball and make it fall down, thus avoiding being squished at the top of the screen. The longer you stay in the game board, the higher your scores.

35. Piemaker - Want to bake some pies? This game gives you a nice pie baking simulation. You’ll be able to decorate your pie, slice it, and brag about your pie creations via Facebook Wall.

36. Jewel Battle – Want the good old mix and match-3 game play? This game is a good one. Simply mix and match 3 jewels with the same color and shape to eliminate them from the screen. A nice feature of this game is the online game mode where you can play against other players worldwide via WiFi or 3G.

37. Glass Tower 2 – The objective of the game is to break all blue blocks and to save as many red blocks as possible. There’s also some black blocks which you can’t destroy and will prevent you from successfully destroying the blue blocks. In other words, this is a great physics game with all bells and whistle of a well-made casual game for iPod. Other features of the game include – bonuses, cool sounds, clear graphics and more.

38. Dolphin Play – Love dolphins? This game features 72 different creatures including 5 dolphin species and 67 fish. The objective of the game is to raise and play with creatures to advance through 44 initial levels. You’ll get to buy, sell, feed, and play with all creatures. The game also features multiple tanks, 73 decorations, 48 plants and 66 backgrounds that you can use to personalize your virtual aquarium filled with dolphins.

39. FarmVille – This is one game that needs no further introduction and explanation. Yes, it’s the famous Facebook game now ported to your iPod. Bringing all the great features of the Facebook version, FarmVille for iPod lets you access your existing Facebook farm as well as create new farm to grow and develop.

40. Zombie Farm – By now ,you’re probably tired of fighting off zombies in the game Plant vs. Zombies. So, how about farming some lovable zombies for a change? This game’s premise is that you can farm, grow and harvest your very own zombie farm. Raise zombies using crops and corpse. Along the way, you’ll also get to fend off other zombie prejudice using your friendly, lovable zombies. Nice graphics, fun music background and simple gameplay, makes this game quite a hit among iPod owners.


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