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Monday, March 7, 2011

News: CruiserSuite S1 Flasher & Unlocker v3.00 released - Satio now supported

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Hi all,

we have just released a new update of Cruiser Suite - CruiserSuite S1 Flasher & Unlocker v3.00. New version supports flashing and usercode reset of SE Satio™.

CruiserSuite S1 Flasher & Unlocker 3.00 [091218]
  • Added support for SE Satio™ - flashing and usercode reset (no supreme credit required for this functionality)

CruiserSuite S1 Flasher & Unlocker
  • supports instant unlock and flashing of ALL SonyEricsson S1 phones, including S1 Locosto & Neptune AID 03 platform based phones.
  • the world first software which has bring you the very unique feature - Unlock-by-Patch via Server, in signed mode.
    (If you do not need this feature, you can still use the application without it, completely standalone.)
  • communicates with you in your local language (Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Italian ... many more )
  • All you need is any Cruiser dongle (06 & 07 supported) and a fraction of Supreme Credit.
  • Click here to see supreme credits consumption policy table.

Supported phones:
  • S1 - Locosto (all, AID-03 included): J132, K330, R300, R306, T250, T270, T280, T303, W205, Z250, Z320
  • S1 - Neptune (all, AID-03 included): F305, S302, S312, W302, W395
  • SE Satio™ - flashing and usercode reset

For more info about older versions, see Info tab in the application. If you need supreme credits, here is the resellers list.

A fraction of supreme credit is consumed prior to the unlock procedure to prevent resource abuse. If anything goes wrong, credit stays consumed. In such case we recommend to proceed with flash-and-unlock using a verified firmware. Those can be downloaded from our support area. If you need supreme credits, click here to visit our resellers list.


Cruiser Team


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