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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mcnpro Box official version 3.0.3 Released (ChinaRes V1.17)

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McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.0
Released: November 5, 2007

- MT6226D MT6223P
- Add new MT6225 Model.and fix some bug

McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.1
Released: November 15, 2007

- Fix 6600m boot bugs
- ADD 1 new MTK decrypt method

McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.1.1
Released: November 25, 2007

- Fix some bugs
- Add support new flash support for MTK&SPD
- Modify the speed for MTK when download bootloader
- MTK_Res1.2 released and add to main beta version and Add "Reset to factory default" for MTK flash.

McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.2
Released: November 28, 2007

- Fix bugs
- Modify COM port pinout detection process

McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.3
Released: December 10, 2007

- Modify USB pinout detection process (6600m boot)
- SpreadTrum add new Flash IC
- Modify MTK unlock process
- TI and ADI bugs fixed

McnBox Version Official beta Release v1.35
Released: January 15, 2008

- Add SKY boot files
- Improve pinout detection process for MTK
- Update MTK and ADI New flash IC and improce format process
- Fix USB automatic pinout detection process for some models
- Add support SI4904 detection

McnBox Version Official Release v1.5
Released: February 5, 2008

- bug fix for MTK ADI INF SKY TI SI4904 and SPD
- Added new boot file for MTK
- Version changed


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