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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nokia N70 Short Circuit Service Solution

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Nokia N70 Short Circuit Repair Solution, Follow this thread step by step :
  1. Take out Z7500 (No.1) to cut off current to VBatt ke PA. If not short circuit, its means PA is broken.
  2. Take out L7503 (No.2) to cut current to VBatt to RF IC (HINKU/VINKU). If not short circuit, RF IC is broken.
  3. Take coil L1474 (No.3) to cut current VBatt to LED Driver N1471. If not short circuit, change LED driver IC.
  4. Take out L4201 to cut Vbatt to IC SMPS N4200. If you take out this coil and your phone not short circuit, its means IC SMPS N4200 was broken. Don'nt change IC N4200, Just make a jumper VCore to VCoreA.
  5. Take out IC N4201, APE Regulator (No.5). If not short anymore, its means IC N4201 was broken. Just throw away IC N4201 and maje a jumper VIO to VDDR_APE.
  6. Take out LED Driver N2301 (No.6) to cut VBatt to IC N2301. If not short circuit anymore, change with the new one.
  7. Take out IC Front Camera N1472 (No.7), if not short anymore its means this IC was broken.
  8. Take out IC N1470 & N7505 (No.8), If not short anymore. Change it.
  9. Take out Bluetooth Module. If not short. Change this IC
Good Luck..


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