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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blackberry Tips : Guide To Buy Second Hand Blackberry

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The first important think you have to know about Blackberry is PIN (Personal Identify Number)
PIN is a same as your ID Card, don't ever buy Blackberry that have PIN was suspended. May be at one moment you have no money to buy the new one, and you buy the second one. Be careful, check status PIN first.
There are tips to know about your Blackberry PIN dan IMEI :
1. On Home screen, click icon OPTIONS
2. And than Click STATUS
3. This is the shortcut, press in same moment, ALT+CAPS+H
4. Display will shown HELP ME that filled Vendor ID, PIN and IMEI

This tricks how to know Blackberry life timer :
1. On the HOME screen click OPTIONS
2. Type BUYR
3. Display will be shown DATA USAGE & VOICE USAGE. If value is 0, its means device still in new conditions. If value not 0, its means devices in second conditions.

Once again, be careful.. or you will be dissapointed ..


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