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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPF BOX II Installation Tutorial

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Tutorial How To Install CPF BOX II Flasher, Chinese Phone Specialist

Main Software Installation
1. Install the CPF BOX II main software by click 2 times on CPF_BOX_II_SETUP 2008.08.07
2. Then click NEXT to continue installation.
3. Put the installation files in the folder C:\CPF_BOX II.
4. Location is also installer in C:\CPF_BOX II so as not to interfere with existing data on the driver D:\ and click NEXT
5. Check or mark the Create A Desktop Icon to create the desktop computer shortcut
6. Click INSTALL to continue CPF BOX II installation
7. Wait for the installation process went to completion, and then click Finish when done.

Update CPF Box II
1. Click 2x on the CPF BOX II_UPDATE_20090115 for the latest version CPF Box II
2. For the destination folder, select the folder as the location of major software installer is C:\CPF_BOX_II.
3. Then click NEXT for the continuation of the software update installation process and wait until finished.

Pairs CPF BOX II to Computer
1. After installation process, pairs of CPF BOX II to the computer.
2. Connect power adapter for CPF Box, because it still need additional power to order the maximum box.
3. Press the power ON/OFF to turn on CPF BOX
4. Then plug the USB cable into the port box and into PC.
5. Install CPF Box drivers manually selected by ADVANCE and click NEXT
6. Look location of the driver C:\CPF_BOX_II
7. Select the folder and then select the folder usb_driver then click OK PL2303
8. Make sure the correct drivers taking the address, then click NEXT
9. Then click continue to proceed anyway, when finished click FINISH
10. Box is ready for use, I hope to help. Wassalam.


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